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When Sveta was back in Smolensk from Amsterdamshe had known for sure, that she would live in Smolensk only for a while. However the real feelings must be always verified by hard times. When the documents fly When the New Year holidays were over Svetlana knew for sure that her life will change soon dramatically. Usually it takes from 5 to 6 months to confirm this form, but for Sveta and Matt this process took much more time.

Matt had to gather a bunch of different documents and pay all the necessary fees for everyone to be sure he is aware of what he is doing. It turned out that in Russia there are a lot of girls who are in the same situation as our Sveta. The confirmation letter for the interview in the US embassy came to her on the 9th of February. The preparations for the interview and the medical examination gave Sveta some real troubles.

At first, she had to gather a lot of different certificates, then at this very period Matt had flown away to Sydney Australia to take part in the art exhibition. Sveta was very worried for Matt, because that spring different natural disasters shook the southern hemisphere. While Matt was away his mother successfully managed all the paperwork. She loved her future Russian daughter-in-law in advance. Consular gimmicks The interview was appointed on the 30th of March at 8 a.

By this time Sveta was in Moscow.

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She was really scared, if something would go wrong. There were 7 girls there; their situations were just like mine. At first the interview was very difficult. The man wanted to know everything about their relationship with Matt, where they found each other, how many times did they see each other, did they get acquainted with the parents of both sides, their plans for future, when is their wedding planned and so on.

Consul was very interested by their communication in social networks, but Sveta could not show him all the messages, because the memory of the social networks lasts only for two years. She showed him their e-mails and recorded Skype talks.

She was ashamed to tell that they got acquainted at the dating site and said that happened at Facebook.

The tense atmosphere gradually faded. Sveta did not hope for such a quick solving of the problem. When she got out of the embassy, the wave of happiness fell upon her.

At the same moment Sveta phoned Matt and told him the happy news. They have been waiting for this moment since 9 months. Railway stations and airports It is 3 a. I and Sveta are sitting in the small kitchen, the same kitchen where a year ago we were sitting with Sveta and Matt.

Kiselyovka the bedroom district of Smolensk is sleeping. Practically no one in this town knows that the girl who rented a flat here will be leaving Smolensk forever. Nothing holds her here. Almost all the things, she collected while living here, are given to the nearest orphanage. She kept only a bag with the necessities for herself.

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Оценил ктонибудь его труд? Хоть ктото сказал спасибо? Первое утверждение было в принципе правильным, последнее почти правильным. Превышая свою обычную дозу, он превращался в неимоверно злобного и смертельно разгневанного человека. Но чтобы выглядеть понастоящему пьяным в привычном смысле этого слова, ему надо было бы в буквальном смысле накачать себя под самую завязку. Данное обстоятельство было и благом его, и проклятием. Smol love top job знакомства смоленск Он допил остатки виски.

Затем, побоксерски сжав плечи, прищурившись так, что от глаз остались одни щелки, а лицо налилось краской благородного негодования, он двинулся по коридору. В настоящий момент он находился в одном из двух крыльев здания отеля.

Вестбрук подошел к номеру, отвел руку, чуть поколебался, задержав ее в приподнятом положении, и наконец загрохотал кулаком по двери.

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Как и обычно, телефонистка позвонила ему в одиннадцать часов вечера, после чего они обменялись традиционными словами любезности. Покончив с неофициальной частью, девушка сообщила, что ему был один звонок. Она еще предупредила, что, когда бы вы ни проснулись, сразу же можете звонить .